Boyd Ramsey Consulting LLC completes client satisfaction survey / continuous improvement program

In June, 2020 a customer/client satisfaction survey was conducted among the 60 plus clients and prospective clients of Boyd Ramsey Consulting LLC. Participation was good at over 30% and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The services provided were characterized as “reliable”, “high quality” and always meeting time commitments. I particularly value the comments and good ratings from repeat customers, who see the value of long-standing relationships. I will keep continuous improvement as an important part of my programs. I thank the participants and my clients for their feedback and support.

Ramsey visit to USA/Australia.

In March, I made a visit to the USA for client visits and to attend two events – the Mirafi University event by TenCate and the Charleston SC geosynthetics conference. The Mirafi event was very interesting and helped to validate all of the transportation lobbying that I have done. The highlight of the Charleston events were a lecture on “Ethics in Geosynthetics” sponsored by the IGS North America chapter and a GMA lecture illustrating the progress of GMA since it’s inception. The Australia trip started with a series of Workshops in Melbourne and Brisbane on geomembrane barriers. The event was sponsored by the Austrialasian IGS chapter (webpage here: and detailed the current state of practice and issues relating to use of geomembranes in an extremely difficult environment(s). The workshops were completed successfully, but unfortunately, the covid-19 crisis required an early departure from Australia. However, I will remain engaged with the Australian geosynthetics market – I suppose we will all be video conferencing for a while.

Ramsey article in S.A. ReSource magazine

An article authored by yours truly, Boyd Ramsey, was published in the February issue of ReSource magazine, a South African environmental and general interest geotechnical publication. The article is linked here and reviews some of the South African successes of waste containment and geosynthetics.

Boyd Ramsey to host Australian Geomembrane seminars in March

ACIGS and Boyd Ramsey are pleased to announce two days of lectures focused on geomembranes. The event is held in Melbourne & Brisbane, with Boyd Ramsey as the keynote lecturer and host with other speakers and sponsor presentations. The dates are March 16/17 and 19/20 respectively. The topics will include information for the new or occasional user on day one and more detailed and product specific topics on the second day. Additional information and registration details can be found on the Australasian IGS chapter website here: under the events tab.

Boyd Ramsey presents/chairs IGS Technical Committee for Barriers event in Barcelona

On January 22-23rd, 2020 in Barcelona, Spain the second technical workshop of the IGS Technical Committee on Barriers was held. Approximately 80 attendees witnessed a two-day series of presentations and discussion periods on new developments and important topics relative to the geosynthetic barrier industry. Led by Event Chairman Kent von Maubauge, the four sessions and discussions captured the current trends and interest items within the industry, presenting cutting edge research and provided a forum for discussion and identification of future research topics. Please contact Boyd for additional information and summaries.

Boyd Ramsey presents keynote lecture at South African Waste Conference

Boyd Ramsey presented the keynote lecture at the South Africa Landfill 2019 Conference & Exhibition held at the River Club, Western Cape, South Africa on the 6th of November 2019. The conference brought together the Landfill and Alternative Waste Treatment industries to learn about the latest techniques and developments – as well as to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. On the second day of the conference, a geosynthetics workshop was held, sponsored by the IGS GIGSA chapter focusing on geosynthetics, sustainable construction, the use of geosynthetics in constructing and managing exposed caps and covers and finally, a session on ethics in geosynthetics and civil engineering.

Boyd Ramsey completes South Africa tour

Boyd made a series of visits on South Africa recently visiting engineering and mining firms including Jones and Wagener, Golder, Exxaro and others. The tour included a presentation for the South African IGS chapter, GIGSA and the presentation of a paper at the 17th African Regional Conference of the ISSMGE, and IGS Council meeting was also on the agenda. One of the focuses of the tour was geosynthetic installation quality control – several firms in South Africa are leading the charge to advance the geosynthetics industry with the use of digital QC records. Boyd will return to South Africa in November 2019.

Ramsey elected to IGS Foundation leadership position.

Boyd Ramsey has been elected as Secretary / Treasurer of the International Geosynthetics Society Foundation. The IGS Foundation was created in June 2019 and the new Board of Trustees recently selected by the IGS Council.

During the September Board of Trustees meeting, the leadership for 2019/2020 was selected, with Jacques Cote serving as Chairman and Boyd being elected to the position of Secretary / Treasurer. Ian Fraser, Jorge Zornberg and Fumio Tatsuoka complete the Board of Trustees membership. The Foundation was established to aid the IGS in fundraising outside the traditional IGS dues model and to support the advancement of geosynthetics both from a scientific and market perspective. The announcement on the creation of the Foundation is linked here   It is the goal of the Foundation to raise one million dollars by the end of 2020. 

Boyd Ramsey to lecture at South African Landfill Conference

.Boyd Ramsey will deliver a Keynote Lecture and hold two workshop sessions at the upcoming South African Landfill 2019 Conference & Exhibition. The conference will be held at, The River Club Western Cape, South Africa on the 6th and 7th of November 2019. The conference website is linked here:

The keynote, titled: “Only the strong survive”: Advances and Modernization of Construction Quality Control and Assurance for Civil and Geosynthetic Construction of a modern, durable and sustainable landfill, will be presented in the opening session of the conference. On the second day, two workshops will be held, one focused on case histories and forensic exhumations of geosynthetic materials and a second workshop on geosynthetic capping and closure of landfills.

Ramsey supports US DoE installation.

In early July, 2019 geosynthetic construction was completed on a solid waste disposal site located at a Department of Energy facility in the east central United States. While the specific site identification is confidential due to security reasons, this site is typical of those involved in the processing, production and waste disposal of nuclear materials for the defense and power supply of the United States. Boyd Ramsey attended the installation and aided in the barrier system installation of a compacted clay liner and a 2,0 mm SKAPS HDPE textured geomembrane with additional geotextile. The installation and material performance went extremely well: a night installation for wrinkle reduction over an appx. 2 hectare site.

Evening deployment and welding